Membership registration form

Perks of being a member of EPIC

  • Access to our extensive network of filmmakers and co-producers in Northern Europe.
  • Access to our our “Funding map” where we list almost all the film financing opportunities in each member country.
  • Joining EPIC meet-ups every year, where we visit film festivals and take part in exclusive events and workshops.
  • Being able to take part in our unique co-production funding programme between our member countries.

To register for a membership in EPIC Network, start by submitting your details here.

To register to the EPIC Network you must have taken part in one of the workshops organised by Screen Talent Europe, as well as having at least 2 main Producer Credits on professional level Short Films, showcasing experience in securing financing.

Please prepare the following material for you application:

  • a suitable Curriculum Vitae in your application,
  • online screeners for 2 short films for review,
  • a portrait of yourself to be on the website.