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Below you will find the board of the network, consisting of ambassador from each country. To get in touch with us, send us an email with your inquiry to

Petter  Onstad Løkke

As a producer, my aim is to make films that both appeal to a wide audience as well as having an artistic touch. I strive to tell stories in different kinds of generes, always with a focus on creating big cinematic experiences.

Maximilian  Mayrshofer

Martin  Fugl

Producing feature and shorts - mostly live action, but right know I am working on two animation short films also. Further more, I freelance in various jobs in film and TV production.

Maria  Møller Kjeldgaard

Maria is a producer and vice president at the Danish film association, Super16, while doing her Master in Film Studies at Copenhagen University. For half a year, she was an assistant producer at the Danish film production company, Nimbus Film, under producer, Eva Jakobsen. Afterwards she was on an exchange in London at Queen Mary University taking different film classes. Besides her studies she has worked freelance as a producer through her own Danish production company, Manna Film.

Johan L.  Heinstedt

Johan L. Heinstedt is a film producer from Stockholm, Sweden, with a constant strive toward excellent quality in each project he tackles. He is currently working as a producer and driving force for the young production company Pentagram Film ( He’s educated at the renowned university Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he is finishing his master’s degree in Media management and Media technology. A part form his studies, he also has thorough experience as an actor on both the stage and on film.

Gavan  McNulty

Annette  Averhoff